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I have written a new book and you will want to get this when it comes out. The Release date for my new book is March 19th 2024.  But you can pre-order it today, just go to the New Book page and click on the picture and purchase it today!!! Or you can click on Add to Cart and pre-order today for 14.99 plus Shipping and Handling

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The Parnell's New CD "The Crossing" is available go to the store and get yours today.

Call your Radio Station and request our new single “Grace Will Always Be Greater Than Sing” Released on "Parnellmusicgroup" July 2024

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Our New Single When Jesus Comes In The Clouds “ ParnellMusicGroup” is #8 Restoration Gospel Radio  2024

Our Single "I'll Not Fear The Crossing" on "Patterson Promotion" went #68 on September Scoops magazine Top 100 2023

Our Single "I'll Not Fear The Crossing" on Dreambig Promotions went #30 Affirm Southern Gospel Charts Top 80 2023

Our Single "I'll Not Fear the Crossing" On DreamBig Promotions went #14 Restoration Gospel Radio 2023

Our Single "I'll Not Fear the Crossing" On Dreambig Promotions and Patterson Promotions went # 17 Christian Country Scoops November 2023 Charts 

Our Single “I'll Not Fear The Crossing” on Dreambig Promotions went #38 Faith Country Singing News January 2024 Charts

Our Single "He Know How" on "Patterson Promotion" went # 1 on Southern Gospel Times top 40 

Our Single "Come Take My Hand" on "Patterson Promotions" went #13 on Southern Gospel Times top 40

Our Single "What A Beautiful Place"  on "Patterson Promotions" went # 67 Singing News and # 100 on "Power Source Magazine"




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